Ideas for ‘Syndrome’

I have been reading about Phobias but the book I chose by Heather Buchanan and Neil Coulson hasn’t been very illuminating. There is a lot of very dry stuff about diagnosis, classification and treatment but doesn’t offer much insight into the really interesting stuff about why such irrational fears occur. No mention of hypnotherapy either.

Spectrophobia & Catoptrophobia – the fear of mirrors & one’s own reflection. The fear may be of seeing something supernatural in the mirror – an apparition or not having a reflection or of the mirror being a gateway to another world & something coming out of the mirror or feeling watched by something from the mirror. To me this idea connects with the fear of seeing one’s own doppelgänger (supernatural double) as an omen of death.

New work planned in the series about overlaying reality with aspiration for the exotic inspired by the evocative names given to the prosaic caravan.

An image is printed with sublimation dyes onto polyester and I then cut a line drawing into it with a soldering iron as in ‘Calypso Wanderer’ which is going to be shown at Bearspace in August 2012.

I went out in search of caravans all around Berrylands which I thought would be prime caravan hunting ground but I only found one.

  The make is Avondale and the model is Rialto so I am planning to use these locations to source the imagery for this piece.

Unfortunately not by actually going to Avondale Arizona & The Rialto Bridge.

Other Studio work in progress

I have invested in an A3 scanner – it hasn’t arrived yet. It was a used one for £80 so I hope it does work. I want to scan some of my collographs and transfer them to polyester to cut into.


Added some more layers of ink to this piece, sanding and wiping off along the way also printed onto paper with sublimation dyes and transferred onto organza as a final layer to be cut on top

Also transferred some onto polyester

  In this process the image is reversed so these I will cut this over a new image.

That was the end of playtime at Ochre as I have worked out how much I have to do to create work for Surface and Illumini and how long I have to do it. Taking into account the available open access days for making screens and the upcoming Open Studio Exhibition in June things suddenly look very tight.

I am now into serious making mode. Firstly I have to get all the stencils made for ‘Incidence’ and get the plywood cut and the slots for the Perspex sunbeams routed.

My wonderful neighbours are test cutting a slot for me.