It has been refreshing to be able to work outside applying papier maché to steel bowls before painting and covering them with earth.

1805 Papier mache

1805 earth clad bowls

This new incarnation of submīrārī has images of everyday locations called paradise floating in water. We must make paradise out of what we have, to dream of an ideal will not help us tackle the very real problems of climate change.

1805 submirari(eathbound)

In submīrārī(earthbound) reflections of a no longer certain world hover in pools revealing glimpses of familiar terrains fluctuating on the cusp of disappearance. The ethereal images float or submerge depending on the temperature of the water which refracts light across the surface prompting the viewer to shift perspective until clarity is gained.

1805 Cosmic Perspectives

Donna Haraway, drawing from Latour, proposes the ‘Earthbound’ as those humans who are ready to rethink and create new narratives with Gaia at the centre, who recognise the entanglement of society and nature and aim to pursue a ‘nonarrogant collaboration with all those in the muddle’. The shift in perspective embraced by the ‘Earthbound’ embodies a grief shared with other species at loss of habitat and disappearing landscapes. It is not a nostalgia for paradise lost but a reappraisal of what paradise could be. The scenes depicted in this work, sourced from prosaic locations named Paradise, aim towards deconstructing a romanticised ideology and bringing us down to earth.

Cosmic Perspectives curated by Lumen at Ugly Duck was a thoughtful examination of  human centric relationships to the earth.

As part of Cosmic Perspectives weekend Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer at Royal Museums Greenwich, gave an informative talk with amazing images on The Intimate Universe

1805 Marek Kukula talk

Our familiar surroundings are full of astronomical connections: everything from the water in your taps, your holiday suntan to the vagaries of the British weather all have their origins far out in space. Even our own bodies are made from material forged in the hearts of long-dead stars.’ Marek Kukula explains that to properly understand our living planet we need to explore the wider universe of which it is an integral part.

He opened his talk with the view that despite huge technological leaps occurring every decade bringing us new perspectives we still know so little about our universe but hoped this exciting adventure into the unknown would continue.

It was a question that Laboratory of Dark Matters touched upon later that day at Guest Projects. This was part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations of Yinka Shonibare’s generous project that gives artists free space to experiment and develop work.

1805 LODM Guest Projects anniversary.jpg

Looking at text extracts from Joyful Cruelty: Towards a Philosophy of the Real by Clément Rosset, In the Dark by Alexander B. Fry and How To Know The Starry Heavens by Edward Irving we struggled with subtleties of reality and perception and tried to answer such questions as:
Are there endless possibilities in science?
If dark matter is never more than a concept does that make it any less valid?

1805 Valencia palm

I have also been lucky to spend a wonderful weekend in Valencia enjoying sculpted buildings, a riverbed turned 12km park, the first cathedral to commerce and lots of relics including the holy grail itself.

1805 Valencia

1805 Valencia tree

1805 Valencia 2

1805 Valencia post office

1805 Valencia star ceiling

1805 Valencia cathedral dome

1805 Valencia cathedral

1805 Valencia copper door

1805 Valencia relic

1805 Valencia dark matter relicdark and even darker matters

1805 Valencia relic 2

1805 Jacinta Gil

Jacinta Gil Piojo de la cabra 1968

Some great geometrical investigations and cosmic meanderings at The Birth of Abstraction at The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern.

1805 Gerhard Richter 9 objects

Gerhard Richter 9 Objects 1969

1805 Manolo Gil

Manolo Gil Scrapbook of regular figures III (Decomposition of the pentagon and hexagon) 1957

1805 José María Yturralde Impossible Figure

José María Yturralde Impossible Figure (Squares Series) 1974

1805 Manuel Rivera Composition

Manuel Rivera Composition 1956

1805 Isabel Oliver

Isabel Oliver De la serie La mercantillizacion del arte 1975

1805 Manuel Millares Picture 97

Manuel Millares Picture 97 1960

1805 Robert Bartlett Richenburg Night Cascade

Robert Bartlett Richenburg Night Cascade 1961

1805 Pierre Soulages

Pierre Soulages 222 x 411 12 Nov 1984

During Marek Kukula’s talk one image in particular resonated. It was a picture taken at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere using a weather balloon. It shows the curve of the earth and the brilliant blue halo fading out to the blackness of space. Out here is where the violent collisions of cosmic rays hitting our ‘earthbound’ gases happens.

1805 weather balloon

I really want to send up my own weather balloon into this realm of activity and have begun researching how this might be possible.